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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  September 3, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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earl arrives. the hurricane's impact on beaches here in maryland and up and down the east coast. >> hello, everyone. i'm jessica kartalija. don scott has the day off today. and here's what people are talking about. hurricane earl is here, bringing rough surf, high winds and rain to maryland's beaches. taking a look at the situation here in ocean city. you can clearly see it would be dangerous to be out in this water today, which is why no one is allowed to swim or surf there. wjz is live with extensive first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams and marty bass are tracking earl's path. manuel gallegus is in north carolina. right in the storm's wrath. and adam may is in ocean city, being hit right now. let's go right to ocean city,
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where adam has more on what's happening there. good afternoon, upon -- adam. >> good afternoon, jessic a. boy, since this morning, things have been changing almost every 15 minutes or so. you almost get a glimpse of sun, then you get the rain, then you get the gust of wind. one thing that has been consistent are the huge waves that are stirring up the ocean. >> reporter: the outer bands of hurricane earl, now violently churning the waters off ocean city. vacationers are amazed at the size of the waves. >> the waves are absolutely beautiful. >> it's pretty cool. the waves are probably some of the biggest i've ever seen. and it's pretty eerie. >> for the second day in a row, the waters here off ocean city are closed to swimmers. it's very easy to see why the waves right here are huge, up to 10 feet high. and the rip tides are extremely strong and dangerous. >> this man was arrested for jumping in the ocean naked. ocean city officials say it's the only incident of interest
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so far. and they're hoping it stays that way. >> it's going to be out of here. so those that are planning to come to ocean city, they just monitor that a little bit, wait until the event is over. it should be smooth sailing for the beach. >> reporter: many tourists decided to keep their vacation plans and make earl an attraction. >> we've had reservations. and we decided that we would be brave and come meet earl. >> crazy. we've never experienced anything like this. the waves are nuts. but it's great. >> reporter: that's right. a lot of people out here are actually saying they think this storm is actually great right now. because there have been no major problems reported in ocean city. what i'm noticing a lot of here the last couple of hours are families. people that come outside the hotels. they walk down to the beach. they take a couple of pictures of these big waves. then they're going back inside their hotel, waiting for this storm to blow through. reporting live from ocean city, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. jessica, back to you on television hill. >> adam, thank you.
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those waves are incredible. and first warning weather coverage continues now. marty bass and tim williams are tracking where earl is going to go. let's start with tim. >> we definitely have been following this all morning long. want to show you the big picture. the satellite radar composite. this is the big picture of the storm, showing you where the eye is circulating just off of the virginia, almost mouth of the bay. almost parallel to that. just a bean, as we'd like to call it. and you see the cloud shield, extending over central maryland. but the rain up and down the 95 corridor. this is the big picture. now down to first warning live doppler radar. look how the squeeze is being put on the western edge of the rain. we're not seeing much of it here. most of it not making it to the ground. some of the brighter colors down around ocean city. and that's what you're seeing with adam's picture. as far as this hurricane, holding on barely to category 1 status. weakening as it moves on out. 86 miles per hour.
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sustained winds, 74 is where you begin category 1. it weakening, moving to the northeast at 21 miles per hour. and as for the winds, the strongest winds down in ocean city. everyone else, just calm winds. 21-mile-per-hour winds down the shore, sustained. and 37-mile-per-hour gusts. everyone else seeing very light wind as we move into this early afternoon. as for the morning, we're going to send it over to marty and talk about how this thing has been progressing. and marty, you've been watching this storm since well before sunrise. >> tim, it's been going along according to the script. the script says it bores off to the northeast. picks up a little speed and gets out of here. and we start the labor day holiday weekend. right now, what we are seeing is tropical storm warning in effect from ocean city up through delaware national seashore. on this graphic. but you could extrapolate that out to the jersey shore. problems on long island sound and cape cod.
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now, i know we don't have a warning right now for surging waves and riptides, but i want you to bring in this one graphic. there is, would you tell us -- there is, without question, keep in mind, this is the second largest weekend down in ocean city. bethany, rehoboth, extrap they 8 that to ocean city, new jersey, cape may. and we are going to have another bout of big waves. this surge moving right against the coast. that's going to mean rip currents. and we may not be out of that scenario until we get to monday. skies will clear out clearly in baltimore by late afternoon. certainly ocean city during the overnight. we're going to have a dynamite weekend. we may have, if people don't use their brains, a redo of the 250 rescues in ocean city last saturday. i think this is a back story that is going to become a headline story here over the course of the next three days, if people are not careful. so we move the storm out, then we get ready for labor day weekend.
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meteorologist tim williams is what will be refreshing conditions coming up shortly. now, back to you. north carolina was spared what could have been a major blow from earl. first warning coverage continues now with manuel gallegus. people are checking for damage and counting their blessings. >> reporter: the worst of earl may have passed north carolina. but the outer banks are still taking a pounding. driving rain and churning waves are making conditions treacherous all along the coast. tens of thousands of tourists were evacuated from the area. but karen edwards from virginia rode out the storm. >> at 5:00 a.m. this morning, i was really nervous. it shook the whole house and woke me up. >> reporter: arl pass -- earl passed farther out to sea than predicted. but it had 70-mile-an-hour winds. power is out for thousands. and there is flooding. many are relieved it wasn't worse. >> we dodged a bullet.
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purely and simply, north carolina dodged a bullet. >> reporter: with a storm now heading north, business owners hope the skies will clear soon so they can salvage the rest of the holiday weekend. >> reporter: earl is expected to bring more trouble. the massive storm will likely brush eastern long island, before taking aim at massachusetts. a hurricane warning is in effect for cape cod and nantucket, which could get 100- mile-per-hour winds. >> i trust that it will be okay. i mean, we didn't board up our house. but we took everything in and followed instructions. >> reporter: federal emergency teams are already enacted in massachusetts, where the governor has declared a state of emergency. manuel gallegus, cbs news, kill devil hills, north carolina. >> and stay with wjz for the latest on hurricane earl. wjz is also on. to track the storm, get forecast updates and to see live doppler radar any time, log onto we have a school advisory to tell you about this afternoon. west side elementary school in north baltimore is closed. school officials say the
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building doesn't have any power. and new details on that hostage situation at the discovery channel headquarters in silver spring. wjz stays live on this story. mary is in the newsroom with the very latest. good afternoon, mary. >> good afternoon, jess and everyone at home. police now say the gunman, james lee, was armed with two starter pistols, not real handguns. investigators are still trying to figure out whether lee fired those pistols after charging into the building armed with the pistols and explosives. lee held three people hostage for more than four hours. police eventually shot and killed him after he pointed one of the pistols at a hostage. authorities say they found four more home made explosives at lee's house. those were safely detonated by a bomb squad. lee had protested the channel's programming for years, saying it was more concerned about ratings than saving the environment. voters will be able to
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avoid long lines by casting their vote for the primaries today. each jurisdiction will have as many as five early voting locations. there are a total of 46 statewide. mayor stawg stawg say -- mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says she plans to cast her vote today. and ravens may have had an unblemished record, but it was not to be. they were pummeled by the st. louis rams. the team has made a few mental mistakes as well. linebacker, being ellerbe showboats, drawing on the anger of his coaches in the end. ravens lose, 27-21. and the ravens' first regular season game is now a little over a week away. you can watch the ravens and jets live here on wjz 13. our special coverage kicks off
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monday, september 13th at 6:30. and time is running out. log onto and each week, match up against our team of 10 experts. we use that phrase loosely. could even win a prize. it's only on go down the home page to find a link. and still to come. the quest for peace. middle east leaders head back to the negotiation table. alcohol art. sometimes all you need is a wine bottle and a brush. and let's take another live look outside this noon. meteorologist tim williams will be back with your first warning weather forecast. check out those waves in ocean city. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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back to the negotiation table. the leaders of israel and palestine have agreed to meet again, following face-to-face peace talks. they plan to meet later this month. both leaders hope to strike a deal to create two separate states. call it painting with a
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different kind of a water color. a california woman uses wine to create her visual masterpieces. the wine lover says she's used wines like this to create abstracts and landscapes since 2003. and still ahead. take a live look outside. at some big waves in ocean city. meteorologist tim williams will be back in about 2 1/2 minutes with your first warning weather forecast. but first, here's a look at today's midday stocks. and last night's winning lottery numbers. for constipation relief... nothing works better than miralax. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one.
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all right. it's our friday news puppy right here. look at his face. >> i put him up here. he started eating the commuter. >> looks like a little bear. >> yeah, he thinks that computer mouse needs capables or something. this is the friendliest dog, isn't he? >> yes. >> he came from the shelter and needs a good shoam home. -- home. no, no. you can't eat that. here, eat the mouse. oh, cats eat mouses. that's right. he's at the maryland spca. what a lovely, lovely dog.
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and of course, our comments, mr. basement sponsors friday pets. together, we believe we can make a difference for pets that need a home. tim, we will be dealing with earl. then a pleasant weekend. >> after it moves on out of here, things really get pretty nice. and you've seen the extent of the rain we're seeing here. cloud shield being thrown out across the area. but it's being condensed right up and down the 95 corridor, as earl starts to move up into the northeast. right now, we have 76 degrees. 65, the dew point. relative humidity. this is a drying wind. we've seen nor'easter type winds coming in today. the north and east flow. now, the winds are shifting to the north and west, at 5 miles per hour. that's drying us out. 29.92 is your barometer reading right now. we have across the state, 77 in oakland. 82 in cumberland. 81 in elkton. and 79 on the shore, where the winds have been just around 21
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miles per hour. and again, that wind down around the shore, still coming in a bit from the east and northeast. so what we're seeing here is just a bit of a variation. calmer winds, the farther inland you go. and down around pax vifer river, still 13 mile-mile-per- hour winds. but again, look at the direction. we talked about a bit of a buildup on the water west of the bay. winds have shifted, coming in now from the north. and they're pushing that water on out of the bay. now, cooler air is moving in here. we probably will struggle. come out until really late. cooler air just in time for labor day. we'll look for less and less cloud cover. but for today, we're going to be around 88 degrees. maybe some areas south of the metro will get up around 90. but patchy clouds tonight, 69 degrees. and 82, partial sunshine and less humid.
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for your labor day saturday. marty is going to have the five- day forecast coming up. but as he already alluded to, it's going to be a gorgeous worn. -- one. >> if the forecast changes between now and then, i don't want to read it. here are the top stories at this hour. and for instant updates on all the day's news, log onto and we'll right back. [ male announcer ], the new subway flatbread breakfast sandwiches! like the new double bacon & cheese omelet sandwich! they're all new. toasty, tasty, and made to your order. so come and build your better breakfast today, at subway!
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stowe sier. it appears in today's wjz healthwatch, skipping your sleep can take a toll on a teen's waistline. teens who don't get a full night's sleep tend to snack more and gain weight. asid attack. a young -- acid attack. a young portland woman is in agonizing pain today. hear what happened in her own words. and two egg farms involved in a salmonella outbreak say their complaints were ignored. join us for all of these stories at 4:00. and stay with us. your five-day forecast is next. ,
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget,
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the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. let's take a look at the five-day forecast. we've going to say happy trails to earl. and look at that. 85, 86 degrees. beautiful labor day weekend. tuesday will be the 55th day this year above 90. that will set the record. we break the record. goes back to 1988. days in the year over 90. this weather just won't give up. >> apparently not. >> don't miss tonight's cbs primetime evening lineup. then eyewitness news at 11:00. and thanks for watching eyewitness news on wjz 13,
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maryland's news station. i'm jessica kartalija. >> i'm kim r tim williams. -- i'm tim williams. >> and i'm marty bass. we still have to watch earl. we can't give the all-clear. although we are still watching the event. you'll be giving updates at news, weather when you want. >> have a great labor day. >> bye bye, everyone.
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